Leadership | Executive | Team Coaching Package

Develop meaningful insight & learn engagement strategies that support individual and organizational change as a leader, executive team member, or group leader. Method : Online/Virtual


Lead others and live with greater intentionality, be consciously aware of your choices, and accomplish your personal and career goals. 

Organization leaders may purchase a three-months leadership/executive, and teams or groups coaching program package, which includes nine (9) group sessions designed for teams/groups coaching sessions for up to total of six employees with a 70-questions ELI-Self Assessment for each person and a one-hour individual debriefing session. Or an ELI-360 Assessment which includes a one-hour individual debriefing session.

The organization may choose to purchase additional team or group leadership coaching sessions at the end of the original nine (9) sessions at the same rate. 

If you’re interested in this package, feel free to contact me for more information. 


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