“Velmarie listens wholeheartedly. She sees your heart and celebrates your beauty and wisdom. Her poise, intelligence, wisdom, and immense kindness are a gift to all who have the privilege of working with her. She is so amazing. I really appreciate how she sees the strengths in women and how she championed them”


“For years, I’ve witnessed Velmarie share her unique gift of creating meaningful connections and helping women to develop a bridge between their passion and what they desire for their future. She accomplishes this partly through her natural ability to have empowering and life-changing coaching conversations. Her expertise and skills in engaging others have made an indelible impression on me!”


“Does your next event need a keynote or an inspirational speaker who champions ways of thinking and empowers women to make personal and career choices with confidence, hope, faith, and excitement? If so, reach out to Dr. Albertini; she is that type of inspirational speaker.”


“I was feeling overwhelmed, discouraged, and exhausted. Working with Velmarie has taught me to live as my authentic self. She is a caring, intuitive, amazing life transition and leadership coach who provides wisdom and clarity. She helped me connect with the strength I already had inside, walked with me through my areas of growth, and supported me all the way. I highly recommend her as a coach.”

~ Geri

“Velmarie’s expert coaching made me feel seen and heard, together we dug through my box of “no longer useful thoughts and assumptions” that were just getting in my way; with Velmarie’s coaching I achieved my goals, built my confidence and can now move forward easily with self-awareness, lightness and ease.”